Why should you read 52 books every year?

Reading a book daily for even 15-20 minutes can increase your cognitive abilities and enhance your overall personality.

When was the last time you read a book?

If you are one of those who wish to dominate a water cooler conversation in your office or a friendly chit-chat in the smoking zone or maybe impress that dumb boyfriend/girlfriend of yours – googling things out will work for you.

Occasionally, I am sure you do check Wikipedia pages to enhance your knowledge. To sum a few other resources together, your knowledge is getting enriched by :

  • Speed-reading articles chosen by machine learning in your Facebook feed. 
  • Youtube videos suggested by friends shared on WhatsApp.
  • Occasional reading of blogs powered by some news app you accidentally installed, a long time ago.
  • Watching Insta stories.
  • Watching TV shows, movies, and documentaries which are based on real-life events.

No wonder your life is going so well!

Now, all of the above-mentioned resources are best suited for dominating the conversation with an average Joe. 

However, how well would you fare if –

  • You are supposed to talk about something for more than 10 minutes? Ideally, to speak effectively and confidently on a topic for 1 minute, you need to have read a minimum of 10,000 words.
  • You encounter someone who’s genuinely knowledgable? Yes, my friend such people, however rare, do exist.
  • You have to write an original well-researched article/blog/paper? Nothing turns off women more than plagiarised content. 
  • You have to explain a phenomenon to a child? Unlike adults, children are curious and ask questions seeking clarity. You can’t trick a kid.
  • Your job demands you to continually upgrade your subject matter knowledge? You can’t watch Neil Patel for all your answers. 

If not today, then tomorrow or the day after or definitely in the coming weeks – you will encounter one of the above or a similar situation. The one and only solution to all your life issues is READING. Books encompass shared knowledge/wisdom of entire generations in a granular depth. Every other medium of knowledge/wisdom is superficial in nature. If you do not read –

  • Yes, you will learn a thing or two.
  • Yes, you will be able to weave a decent conversation.
  • Yes, you will be able to write killer social media captions.
  • Yes, dumb members of the opposite sex will be attracted to you.
  • And, yes, every now and then, you will achieve one of your life goals.

However, you will still remain hollow inside. That’s the price one pays for superficiality. 

Great, so now I have you convinced that no matter what you do, where you come from – irrespective of your personal goals, desires, and aspirations – you got to read. 



Books are the only source of true theoretical knowledge. Reading enables you to participate in intellectually stimulating conversations. (which last more than a minute)

Now that we have moved past our first hurdle of getting you committed to daily reading, let me share with you the benefits of daily reading.

Why should you read daily?

Reading 52 books every year translates into reading one book each week – which means you need to read daily. 

I understand how this sounds.

If you are not a reader, this would appear as an Impossible Task.

However, consider a few real impossible tasks which our ancestors completed, not only successfully but also with panache.

Your forefathers –

  • Hunted the woolly mammoth
  • Established a civilized Roman empire
  • Built the Great Pyramids of Giza
  • Captured the wildest animals
  • Battled the most fierce conquerors
  • Thought of Religion
  • Survived unheard epidemics
  • Crafted the TajMahal
  • Invented electricity
  • Established Democracy
  • Recognized Human rights
  • Conceived The Internet, and
  • Created this amazing unparalleled digital device on which you are reading this blog.

So, consider this – our ancestors defeated every adversity and claimed their glory by creating a marvelous world where even the tiniest of objects are sophisticated beyond imagination. 

And here you are, wondering – 

“Can I really read daily?”

“Do I have the time?”

“Is this really helpful?”

How about you just try developing the habit of reading and find out?

I will also like to admit that even I wasn’t born a reader. Though fortunately, I was exposed to timeless literature at a very early age; however, after my teenage, the only thing that seemed worthy of studying was – Girls!

In my twenties, this passion got replaced by booze and drugs combined with powerful binge-watching. Even after 12-14 hours of slogging my ass in corporations, I made sure that I binge-watched at least two hours daily, for 7-8 years.

It was effortless for me to convince myself that numbing my senses by binge-watching was a healthy practice. I told a unique narrative to myself repeatedly. 

To be a successful storyteller, I need to watch stories.”

It was compelling.

I clearly remember spending entire weekends – 14-16 hours – binge eating and binge-watching under the influence of Marijuana & Alcohol. I had no social life, and I was at the pinnacle of my unhealthiness.

Finally, I realized that my life cannot continue like this and made a conscious choice to go back to my life before my teenage and begin reading again. 

In 2019, I read around 40 books, and my goal for 2020 is to finish 52 books. 

Hope my story got you all geared to take on this challenge of reading daily!

In case you still have issues, please consider these benefits of daily reading –

  1. Reading improves your vocabulary.Real people use real words. (not – r u k?)
  2. Reading makes you articulate. Well-read people discuss concepts and ideas, not gossip about others.
  3. Reading improves your writing skills. One who can write and read is unstoppable.
  4. Reading increases your attention span. You don’t have ADHD. You just ain’t reading. (That is what social media does to you, lowers your attention span as there is no need to be attentive.)
  5. Reading strengthens your mind. Muscles grow in the gym and mind in libraries.
  6. Reading lowers down stress levels. Hate shrinks? Me too! Books are real therapy.
  7. Reading is hugely entertaining. Don’t play with yourself; play with a book!
  8. Reading makes you knowledgable. Intelligent people were not born that way; they read!
  9. Reading enhances creativity. Readers don’t experience writer’s block, losers do!
  10. Reading improves the quality of your sleep. Those pills will kill you; these books won’t!

I rest my argument!

Now you have two choices. Open Netflix or open that dusty book in that corner of your room.

We both know what you will choose!

Hope, you enjoyed reading this. 

Do check this video podcast for more insights.

Also, leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments sections so that I can improve.


We have achieved unimaginable glory; therefore, the least we can do is pick a book and commit to reading it till the end. Reading enhances your cognitive abilities. 

7 thoughts on “Why should you read 52 books every year?”

  1. Wow! This is an incredibly informative and timely read and one I so desperately needed. I’m guilty of those aforementioned sins you shared that have replaced reading in my life :(. I need to get back in track and you, sir, have convinced me to do just that ❤️. As always, thank you! ❤️❤️


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