Do You Have What It Takes To Be Responsible

Any specialty you choose, your work ethics, attitude, determination, and efficiency will define your success rate. The better professional you are, the more prosperous you will be. The marketplace appreciates creativity, ingenuity, problem-solving skills, team players, and rewards individuals rich in such qualities with abundant wealth and comfort.

Good Morning Planet,

Today we are going to discuss desirable character traits that forge a winner. Let’s firstly understand our present social structure.

We are social animals. Per natural laws, social beings structure themselves hierarchically. There are multiple examples of hierarchically organized societies in the animal kingdom. 

Whether it be chimps, ants, bees, wolves, or lobsters, you will see prominent hierarchical arrangements in the way their intricate society functions. 

Chimps live in communities ranging from 20 to 150 members. 

Male chimpanzees organize themselves in a linear dominance hierarchy. Their claim to the throne is based on their physical strength and their social skills. 

If three chimps are fighting, two of them can form a coalition and defeat the other one. If a chimp is physically superior but lacks skills to build alliances, he can be easily overcome by someone who lacks strength but has mastered forming coalitions. 

Ants live in large colonies. A class system organizes its society. 

The individual capability of an ant determines its role in the colony. Ants also get a preference to choose their role as per their inclination. Age also plays an important variable. 

An ant’s responsibility can be changed as per their age. 

Ideally, the colony is organized in a sophisticated manner. Yet, a simple representation will be – queen at the top, followed by soldiers and workers.

Bees also organize themselves in a hierarchal fashion. 

We have a queen at the top, followed by workers and drones. 

The queen’s primary purpose is to reproduce and secondary to motivate workers to finish the workload. 

The workers hold secondary citizenship and need to toil hard. 

And the drones mostly fertilize the virgin queens. They do not have stings, so they cannot protect the hive from intruders. They are the lowliest citizens as they are unskilled.

A bee colony is also based on competency. 

Queen is the most responsible and is trusted with the essential task of reproduction. 

Workers are underdeveloped females. 

Drones are the outliers who are awarded the meanest job because they don’t possess any unique characteristics. 

Wolves stay in packs. They have a well defined social structure and clearly laid out rules of conduct. 

The pack is lead by an Alpha, which is the strongest and possesses better tracking and hunting skills. 

Others in the pack follow the leader and play their individual assigned roles. 

A wolf knows that alone it might have a lower survival rate. But in a pack, his chances improve considerably. 

A wolf pack is a vigorous hunting unit.

I am fascinated by a symbolic gesture among the wolves. 

While fighting for dominance, an Alpha, by defeating a beta, proves himself worthy and secures his position. The beta rolls over and offers his neck to the Alpha in a symbolic representation of surrender

The all-powerful Alpha can tear the loser’s throat apart, but it only grabs it with his jaw, exerts a little bite force, and then sets the beta free. This gesture is a show of strength and forgiveness.

This signifies that the Alpha is aware that he can kill the beta any given moment, yet chooses to let him live to make the pack strong and efficient. Now the beta will follow Alpha’s leadership and continue to play by the rules for the safety of the pack. 

Similarly, lobsters too organize themselves in a dominance hierarchy based on competency. 

Lobsters often engage in ritual combat to establish dominance. The winner sets to conquer territories while the loser backs down. 

Ironically identical to human society, top lobsters get their pick of the finest mansions and are surrounded by females. 

In contrast, the bottom lobsters continue to engage in a fight for survival. 


We have so far considered examples of a prevalent dominance hierarchy in the animal kingdom. We can collectively agree that there is ample evidence that such a social structure is beneficial to society. 

If the most competent individuals are at the top, higher are the chances for the collective to survive and grow.  

And, just to clarify, no, I wasn’t watching NAT Geo all night. 

If you carefully observe human society, it is also based on a dominance hierarchy. 

1% of the top population controls 99% of the rest. 

It is often considered unfair and unethical. We will continue exploring whether it is just or not. 

A capitalist human society is based on individual competencies. 

The more competent you are, the higher are your chances to climb the top.

Let’s begin with the starting of your life.

If your parents are decent, they will teach you the necessary social skills so that when you are in the park with kids of your age, you can play along. 

You will always find a kid who is being bullied by others or remains silent. Upon closely observing, you will identify that such kids mostly belong to irresponsible parents.

Either such parents are in a toxic relationship, or they have poor parenting skills.

Such a kid will not interact well with others and will also be unpopular among parents of other kids.

The kids who will play together will develop better social skills. They will be loved by the people around them, further enhancing their personalities.

Once the playground phase passes, you will be off to a school. 

In a school, to excel, everyone needs to study hard, participate in extracurricular activities, and get well with fellow students and their teachers. 

Several reasons can make a kid more successful than others during school.

  • Personal Characteristics – Personal characteristics such as attentiveness, IQ, commitment to work, and others contribute toward a child’s success.
  • Social Surroundings – Those with access to a better study environment and aids can quickly excel in comparison with those who lack these necessities. 

It is possible that a child might be from a low-income family but is more resolved to be a better student than others. Even if he’s family is not supportive, and he doesn’t have an iPad, he can hard work his way to the top of a classroom hierarchy.

I want to make it clear that we are not laying down rules of engagement here. 

Anyone belonging to any background can achieve an enormous amount of success just by following the right practices

Beyond school, similar rules would apply to high school and college.

Hardworking, intelligent adults with better social skills will outwork others and secure the top ranks. 

They will have the best pick of friends and members of the opposite sex around them. They will be popular and loved. 

Outliers and the bottom feeders will have resentment and hatred against them

Once again, we are not laying out rules of engagement. 

Your childhood or your adult life doesn’t determine the rest of your time on this planet. 

This is what makes us unique in comparison with animals. 

Our shortcomings do not limit us. 

You will see such examples spread evenly throughout history. 

In the animal kingdom, if you get a beta status, you will be confined to the same for the rest of your life. Animals barely rise in their status. 

Humans, on the other hand, are capable of upgrading their social standing at any given point.  

People who were awful as kids, grow into magnificent adults. 

Adults with prison and drug background, despite every odds, emerge as a conqueror and gain social acceptance. 

We human beings are driven by passion, which sees no past or future constraints.

If we purposefully set ourselves for a task, we are bound to succeed. 

What we are doing at present is analyzing the underlying social structure. We are discussing the prominent trends. 

I will continue reiterating that these are grand trends. 

Yes, they do impact your life, yet on an individual basis, your life is governed by your thoughts and your actions. 

Even if you had the most terrible life so far, you can easily transform it by being responsible and accountable. 

We will discuss this in detail further. 

After your initial learning is over, you are shipped to a world filled with opportunities. 

As per your knowledge and skills acquired, you will get to choose the profession of your choice. 

Once you begin your apprenticeship, you will get to learn from experts in your profession. 

You will start as a clerk, an intern, or an entry-level job in a domain of your choice

Your learning pace clubbed with your personal and social skills, will determine the course of your career. 

Out of thousands of you, most competent ones will climb up the ladder and secure prominent places.

In contrast with the animal kingdom, we get a chance to rise above at every stage of our lives. 

Even if you choose the wrong domain, you are free to quit and begin fresh in a field of your liking. 

Any specialty you choose, your work ethics, attitude, determination, and efficiency will define your success rate

The better professional you are, the more prosperous you will be.

The marketplace appreciates creativity, ingenuity, problem-solving skills, team players, and rewards individuals rich in such qualities with abundant wealth and comfort. 

It is only fair that those who contribute more get a better share

Till now, we have discussed the hierarchies and basics of a human hierarchy. 

Someone among us might be horrified by this unequal distribution of wealth and power. They can insist that a capitalist society is not a perfect society, and alternate structures should be explored. To them, I just have one response.

Fuck off, you lazy ass!

The only other alternate tried so far was communism and its implementation, and the final outcome was so horrifying in nature that even discussing such a flawed structure send chills down my body.

A commie will suggest that Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk should not have access to so much wealth and power. 

He will insist on equal distribution. 

As per him, irrespective of their individual efforts in building such flourishing empires, they are crooks and should be brought down. If we leave the decision-making abilities to the communists or sympathizers of equality, they will crucify Jeff and Elon, ignoring the spectacular effort put in by these individuals in building such enormous organizations.

Amazon will be torn apart, and Jeff will be hanged in public.

Elon will suffer a similar fate.

What these equality activists fail to realize is such organizations are essential for the prosperity of others. 

Individual wealth is a reward for achievers. 

It is not an unequal distribution

We all want competent people at critical positions because they have proven their excellence in managing people, resources, and strategizing grand victories. 

Someone who works hard deserves better compensation.

Jeff did not grow rich by fluke. He works 16 hours each day.

Elon isn’t smoking pot sitting at his home. He works relentlessly on solutions for the betterment of society.

If we strip such individuals from power and position, their companies will collapse, sending us back to the dark ages. Millions of people will become unemployed, and even if we redistribute wealth, it will only offer a temporary solution. 

We need competent individuals at the top of hierarchies, or else the world is doomed. 

Weak oppressors such as Stalin and Hitler are examples of this. If you crown incompetent leaders, they will not be able to lead you constructively. Their flawed outlook will attract disasters, and their failure to manage disasters will ruin civilizations.

Whether it be ancient Rome or Modern India & America, incompetent leaders have ruined our glorious lives.

Failed kings like Commodus, uneducated presidents like Trump, and bigotted prime ministers like Modi have already ruined the world as it is. We must encourage people to be more competent in order to make the world a better place. 

So far, we have established that only competent individuals can drive our society towards betterment. 

Now, we will discuss what can make you a competent individual.

It might come as a surprise to you, but all it takes to be an Alpha of a pack are two characteristic traits – Responsibility & Accountability.

Being Responsible

What do we understand by being responsible?


Anyone at all!

The girl at the front yells, “the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.”

Fantastic, thank you for your response!

Okay, so as said by my genius friend, being responsible means fulfilling a duty towards an individual or an activity.

Responsibility begins at home. 

It begins with you.

The first step of being responsible is taking care of yourself.

The first responsibility the universe has trusted you with is YOU.

You need to take care of yourself.

You begin with the basics –

Physical – These are your responsibilities towards your physical self –

  • Grooming – You need to take care of your appearances. You must be clean. You must wear clean clothes. You shouldn’t look shabby. 

If you are dirt poor and you do not have the means to iron your cloth, you wake up an hour earlier and put your clothes beneath your bed so that they get ironed on its own. 

Your poverty cannot be an excuse for your shabby appearances.

If you cannot afford a toothpaste, you will brush your teeth with salt.

If your lips are chapped, you rub saliva on it.

Don’t have money to buy a hair gel, well, use your semen.

The point I am trying to make is, there’s no excuse. 

You are responsible for your physical appearance. You must maintain it well.

Someone among you might consider human appearance as a false representation of their capabilities. 

You are totally right in assuming so.

Your looks don’t have to compliment the quality of your work. 

We are not talking about physical attributes. We are discussing grooming.

No sensible person cares about the color of your skin, your facial features, your physique, or the way you dress. 

Yet, every reasonable or nonsensical person has the right to judge you based on your appearance.

If you come to work with poor hygiene, you are sending a message to the people around you. 

The message is your incompetency in taking care of yourself.

If you are not responsible for yourself, why would anyone trust you with bigger responsibilities?

There isn’t any excuse to appear unkempt in any manner. 

Look good. It matters.

  • Physical Strength – Whether you are muscular, athletic, or frail, your physical appearance plays a role in the manner people see you. 

I am not asking you to become the next Arnold Schawnezzer or David Goggins. Yet, you are responsible for your physical strength. 

You must ensure that you maintain and increase it.

Your body is where all of your hope, abilities, pain, fear, and disappointments accumulate. Make it strong to bear as much as possible.

Go for running.

Cycle to work.

Go to a gym.

Go to the park.

Do Burpees.

Do Pushups.

Do Squats.

Do chin-ups.

Burn static energy. 

If you are at the peak of your physical health, you will be able to handle more stress and work for longer hours. You will have an energy reserve for other secondary tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and making love.

You won’t like to come back home dead after work and crash on your bed.

You would instead enjoy coming back from work and cooking a decent meal for your partner and having an intimate conversation.

You will only be able to do so if you are physically fit.

Once you start taking care of your physical being, you will, on your own, develop healthy eating habits leading to glowing skin, reduced hair-fall, increased self-control, better posture, and increased self-esteem. 

If you suffer from an addiction disorder, you will be able to manage it efficiently. 

Healthy individuals can quit their bad habits such as smoking, drug addiction, porn addiction, or masturbation swiftly in comparison with unhealthy people.

There is no excuse to be physically unhealthy.

There is no excuse to miss your daily workouts.

Your body is your responsibility.

If you are too tired and cannot get up early for your daily workout, think about those little kids who support their families by waking up at 4 am to distribute the daily newspaper. 

You are enjoying a good life, and you cannot even take care of yourself. That’s a shame!

Once upon a time, Osho was addressing a vast conglomerate of people. He was discussing spiritual awakening. 

He was a magnificent orator. People held their breath when he spoke.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a large cloud appeared, and it started pouring. People tried to disperse and seek shelter.

Osho said, “You guys call yourself seeker, and you are afraid of a few drops of rain!”. 

Everyone froze at their place. 

There was a pin drop silence. 

Osho continued with his speech while it rained.

If you plan to make your life better, yet you can’t open your eyes when it is needed, you deserve to be a beta. 

You just don’t have it in you.

Continue being an average, ready to pour yourself a glass of disappointment. 

A half-empty glass of disappointment.

You kind of deserve it.

Else prove me wrong and get yourself in better shape.

It is proven that society doesn’t appreciate fat, obese, or physically weak individuals. 

Such people not only experience difficulty in finding mates, but they also barely succeed professionally.

If you are okay being mediocre, sleep 10 hours, nobody gives a fuck. 

You are not a desirable member. 

You won’t ever taste success. 

All you will ever secure is another average mate, such as you. 

All you will ever achieve is bringing a few more average specimens to this planet and ruining their lives. 

Good luck with that!

  • Mental Strength – You are responsible for your thoughts. You are responsible for your psyche. 

You could have very well been dealt a bad hand. 

You might suffer from underlying mental disorders and learning disabilities. 

Still, you can emerge a winner.

The goal is to feed your mind quality stuff.

Read great books. 

Not only fiction but books that will help you grow in your professional domain.

Spend time with successful people rather than bottom performers. 

Don’t waste time binge-watching, browsing social media, or on activities that serve no purpose.

Spend time learning. 

Avoid crowds. 

Look inwards.

Find yourself.

Tame yourself.

Learn, Grow, Conquer. Fuck em up!

Apart from your grooming, physical, and mental strength, you also need to work on your attitude, your viewpoints, your analytical skills…… the list is endless. 

You need to become the best version of yourself. 

Once you get in the habit of fulfilling your personal responsibilities, you need to look outwards in the nearest proximity. 

Be responsible for your relationships.

Be responsible for your family.

Uplift your friends.

Tidy your park.

Make your colony a better place.

Help elderly neighbors. 

Check with local hawkers, if you can teach their kids.

Improve your town.

Write letters filled with practical suggestions to your state officials.

Make your country a better place.

You are fucking responsible for this entire planet.

You need to uphold this responsibility.

The first step is being responsible for yourself.

If you cannot afford a bus to your work, you will start walking an hour early to reach on time. You can also ask for a lift from others. You are responsible for your punctuality. There’s no excuse for being late.

If you cannot afford electricity, you will study under the street lamp.

If you do not have the internet at home, you will go to the nearest library to study. 

The idea is to be responsible for yourself. 

Whether you are filthy rich or dirt poor, you must fulfill your responsibilities.

The more responsible you are, the better will be the world around you.

Being Accountable 

Accountability plays a significant role in securing wins. You cannot rise from your current state of misery without being accountable. 

If your boss assigns you a task, what will you do?

Ideally, you will complete the task timely to the best of your abilities.

What if there are other people involved and they are not pulling their weight?

This is a prevalent scenario in professional setups.

Mostly driven individuals have better work ethics in comparison with others, and while working in a team, the team progresses with its own pace, whereas you might be way ahead of them.

In such cases, accountability plays an important role. 

Even if you are not the head of the project, you are accountable for it.

A winner will not leave the completion of tasks for others. A winner will see things through the end. 

After fulfilling your responsibilities, assist others.

Make them work faster.

Share their workload.

Stand beside them and spread positivity.

Most of the people, instead of being accountable, are fearful.

Fear is a lie.

You will always see individuals who are ready with excuses or shift the blame to others.

I have encountered highly paid professionals who, when making a typo error, say that – “A typo error happened!”

No motherfucker!

This is a flawed outlook.

Errors don’t happen.

You made a typo error. You are accountable for it.

The ideal response is – I made this error because I was distracted. I will ensure that from today I proofread every piece of communication from my end.

Accepting your mistakes make you accountable and a better person.

Don’t shift the blame on others or unfavorable situations.

Being accountable improves your problem-solving skills.

A lot of you are working from home. A common excuse remote workers use when unable to meet deadlines is internet issues. However, that’s rarely the case.

Even if that’s the case, an accountable individual will use alternative solutions to meet deadlines. 

They will try to use the mobile internet.

If that fails, they will approach their neighbors and seek their help.

If the neighbor’s wifi is also not working, they will try to complete the work by taking assistance from their friends. 

If a task needs to be completed, it needs to be completed. That too timely!

No governing body cares about excuses.

That is the reason CEOs prefer individuals who provide results rather than those who mostly provide excuses and encounter difficulties.

Our culture has turned us into lazy, inefficient, mediocre performers.

To break this cycle of mediocrity, you must display accountability.

This is the reason accountable people are more reliable and get better rewards.

You must understand that if you want to secure a better position in the human hierarchy, you need to hone your skills and display exemplary behavior.

Accountability and Responsibility are few of such desirable qualities that can get you to the top.

You have two choices now. 

Either you can continue being at the bottom, living an average life surrounded by ordinary people. 

Or you can grab your life by the balls and be more responsible and accountable while slowly climbing towards the top where a better world awaits you.

Choose wisely!

Hope this helped.

What traits do you think shape winners?

10 thoughts on “Do You Have What It Takes To Be Responsible”

  1. Such an incredible read. I love the way you are able to bring things into so much perspective. I love that you are able to get me to think. I look so forward to your posts because they work to remind me about all that truly matters. There are some things I still Need to work on to be my most responsible self. I love that I can reflect when I read your work. Nicely done, my friend ❤️


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