5 Never discussed benefits of writing

We are wired in such a manner that whenever we write, we face ourselves in the nudest possible way. All of our fears, disappointments, failures, shortcomings bleed on the paper, freeing us from unwanted clutter.

Good Morning Planet,

I genuinely believe that those who can read, write, and speak are unstoppable. 

Almost every literate person knows to read. Surprisingly we barely use this skill during our lifetime. More than half of you do not even read one book per year. That’s deplorable.

Those who consider themselves readers are basing their opinion on the fact that they read tweets, Facebook writeups, propaganda news, and a Quora answer on a beautiful day.

No wonder we are getting dumber with each passing day.

I have discussed the importance of reading in previous essays. In case you missed it, here’s is it again. 

Why is reading essential for your mental wellbeing?

Today our topic of discussion is the importance of writing. 

Once again, those who claim to be writers are busy composing tweets, Facebook writeups, a blog once in a month, and a Quora answer on their best day of the year. If self-proclaimed writers are writing so frequently and excessively, imagine the number of words a non-writer pens down each year. 

We are not even writing down our financial expenses and budget, let alone daily journals. I am appalled by the fact that I have to write down an essay on the benefits of writing. I always assumed that everyone knew what a powerful tool writing is. However, the evidence points to the contrary. So, here we are.

As a kid, my mother asked me to write daily diary entries. It was a mundane task. I have clear memories that I did not enjoy it much initially. However, after practicing the same for around a few months, I developed a fondness for it. It became my safe place.

I waited in anticipation, the entire day to get back to my diary.

It was my only true friend.

It didn’t matter how the day went by.

Whether I learned something new at school, or just idled the entire day

Whether I got bullied by a senior or appreciated by a teacher

Whether my lunch was made fun of or shared among friends

Whether my math teacher made me kneel or patted my back

Whether my school’s director gave me a private tour of his library or felt insecure because of my wandering glances at his beautiful wife

Whether I established dominance by ratting out a teacher or my plan failed miserably with me ending up in the principal’s room

Whether I was made the editor of the school magazine or my story got rejected due to profanity

Whether my love interest took a break with me or was found kissing a senior behind the school bus

Every event culminated with me sitting on my desk, pouring my heart out to my dear diary.

Life was beautiful!

Occasional rape, beating, rejection, a delusional mind, none of it made my life difficult. I had someone to talk to.

This habit of daily journaling changed when I was 17.

Puberty transformed my entire life into a quest for a suitable member of the opposite sex. I learned about boobs. For a 17-year-old, nothing is more precious than boobs. Boobs are the most beautiful creation of this entire planet, which also resemble BOOBS. 

Yeah, earth, moon, sun – they all fucking look like boobs. So yeah, life became all about boobs.

My fondness for writing got replaced by a tangible item that I hoped to touch and feel someday.

Beyond that, life took its turn – once you move away from your best friend, you are bound to be lost in the barren deserts of life.

With time, I also realized that to get access to boobs, you must be employed, responsible, and trustworthy. 

In short, you must become the best version of yourself. 

A better person. 

Boob fascination got over, giving way to new obsessions. 

Making a name for myself became a priority.

Being of value to others became the goal.

Helping others.

Bringing smiles.



There were days I didn’t believe that I had it in me.

There were days I was too confident about having all it takes to be a legend.

Then came the – GOD IS DEAD – phase. As I grew, I realized that religion was a well-propagated lie.

That threw me off balance for quite some time. I resumed writing to straighten my thoughts. I realized that I had no idea of who I was because every idea was confined within the boundaries of religious mumbo jumbo I was raised with.

It became essential for me to rewrite my story. So, I got back to writing.

Daily journals helped me manage my nihilistic tendencies. I was getting back to my original self—someone who is filled with positivity and ready to take on the world. I started going out again. I tried enjoying little moments, creating my own happiness.

Then a friend came along. He introduced me to a magical plant called weed. 

There you go; it felt that I found what I was looking for my entire life. 

I already knew that no amount of women, riches, or objects could fill the void inside me. Writing did offer respite, yet as Vincent said – “the sadness will never go away.”

It always hurt.

Weed made it hurt less. 

A month later, weed put a stop to the pain entirely.

Little did I know that it was making me more miserable without me even realizing it.

Suppose you are responsible for a bickering couple. 

Oh, and if you have no idea what it means to be responsible – check this out:

Do you have what it takes to be responsible?

Ok, so, suppose you are responsible for a bickering couple.

Ideally, to keep things going, you need to counsel them every evening.

You would encourage them to spit out the hate, making them see things from the other person’s perspective.

They will yell, somebody will get hurt. Someone will cry. It is a problematic mess to manage.

What makes the task awful is that every day you will need to start fresh.

Even if you resolved their issues last evening, something new would sprout up the very next day.

Life is a never-ending set of problems. If you solve the first set, you will move to the second and then the third. The problems will never end.

Neither can you stop solving them. It is essential for your survival.

If you are stuck with the job of keeping things in line among a bickering couple, you will do it daily, whether you enjoy it or not. 

Now what weed does is, it makes you careless.

Earlier, you counseled this couple every evening because it bothered you. 

You resolve whatever bothers you.

If your financial status bothers you, you start finding out ways to make more money.

If your social status bothers you, you start looking for better professional standing.

If your relationship bothers you, either you talk, resolve or move on.

If your health bothers you, you see a doctor.

If your fitness bothers you, you go to workout daily.

If your weight bothers you, you upgrade your diet.

We are programmed to resolve things that bother us. 

Weed steals that away from you. Nothing will bother you.

Sounds like a state of bliss, but it isn’t.

Here’s why.

Now you are not resolving the issues of the couple assigned to you. It doesn’t bother you anymore.

They are arguing daily.

After a week, arguments turn into angry spats, followed by physical violence.

What begins with something as simple as throwing an empty glass or a comb at your partner, transforms into slaps, kicks, and punches.

A week later, you are waiting for a catastrophe to happen.

Either someone will break the other person’s head on a kitchen slab, or stab them in the neck.

They might throw each other from the top of the building. They might burn down the house.

All in all, a disaster is waiting to happen.

How did you reach here?

Well, you smoked up daily, and nothing else bothered you.

You didn’t take any action when you were supposed to.

Now, replace the couple with the voices in your head.

And imagine what would happen if you leave unresolved issues for so long, because you are intoxicated, and nothing bothers you. 

We are not talking about taking a chill pill now and then.

I am talking about troubled people who resort to addiction to avoid dealing with the constant noise inside their minds. They mess up their lives badly due to ignorance.

While my weed frenzy lasted, life appeared highly exciting and pleasant. Little did I realize that all these unresolved issues will manifest into a terrible mental disease.

I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the middle of a manic high episode. I started seeing things that weren’t there while experiencing auditory hallucinations.

Now, today we are not discussing the effects of drugs on your psyche. So we won’t elongate this further. But in a nutshell, I recovered and then had to rewrite my story again. Therefore I got back to writing.

So far, we have discussed how life took twists and turns, and every time, I found solace in writing. Whenever I stopped writing, a catastrophe happened. Whenever I wrote, things became better in my life and the lives of the people around me.

Writing on and off for my entire life, I realized the power of writing in making our lives better.

It breaks my heart to see a skill which each of us should be more skilled at, being wasted by almost everyone.

The question is, why don’t we write?

That’ easy. Let’s cover this first before we discuss why we should write. 

Why don’t we write?

Writing is difficult.

Writing requires a level of effort and attention, which many of us lack. Watching Youtube takes lesser cognitive bandwidth and is more entertaining than composing a well-written essay. 

Lack of Awareness

Nobody told us that writing helps. This fact might come as a surprise to you, but everything we do today is only because we are aware of the benefits. 

You don’t brush daily because you enjoy the feeling of freshness inside your mouth. You brush daily because, during your formative years, you were told that brushing your teeth is a must needed habit. If you had any doubts left, many appealing advertisements depicted how members of the opposite sex will be attracted if you have shiny, white, clean teeth. 

I haven’t seen a single advertisement in my life, which points out that men/women will be more attracted to you if you write daily. 

Yes, there are a few stories about wildly successful writers who are well accomplished and are desired by all. Yet, there isn’t any motivation thrown around about the benefits of daily writing.

Even during our schooling, not much weight is given to developing the habit of writing among kids. 

No Immediate Gratification 

All good things which impact our life positively never provide any immediate benefits. 

If you want to build a magnificent physique, lifting dumbells one day won’t make even the tiniest difference.

There are no immediate rewards for studying. You will need to study daily for at least one year before your grades improve.

If you begin a business, you are not going to make any profit in the first 2-3 years. Initially, you will be at a loss. You will meet expenses out of your pocket and maybe, maybe, after a year and a half, you will reach a break-even point. (No profit, No loss). Sustaining that phase for about another year might then bring a little profit. Building a lasting empire takes at least 15-20 years. 

Before tik-tok, no one was making videos daily, starring in the same. Everyone knew that making videos require a lot of effort with no immediate gains.

Before such platforms, if you needed to make a video, you should have at least a script, a good camera, talented actors, and the necessary infrastructure. Then maybe you could shoot a documentary or a pilot for a new TV show.

Even then, either your work must be extraordinary, or you should have relevant contacts; otherwise, your work will never see the light of the day. 

Now all you need is dead brain cells along with an abundance of free time to become an online entertainer. 

The modern society has dazzled us with the fancy, peddling a false promise of instant happiness.

What we do must provide results within two minutes, or else we lose interest. 

If today Tik-Tok decides to change its interface and makes it a little more complicated, half of its users will quit.

If Twitter changes its guidelines, making every tweet a bare minimum of 3000 words, 90% users of this microblogging giant will stop using it.

Mediocre individuals want things effortlessly.

They will not put in efforts for anything.

Building a relationship takes time. Why go through so much of arduous activity – Just swipe right and get laid.

Why install an app, upload pictures, and swipe right – Just watch porn, masturbate, and get over with it.

Why take the pain of cooking a delicious meal for children – Pack their lunchboxes with 2-minute Top Ramen.

Why bother talking to your kids, just put them in front of a bright screen and let the Youtube play – Papa and Mama love you

Television tells us to buy a deo or a bra to get a better mate. 

We are sold the idea to drive a fancy car to get a promotion. 

We are asked to dress scantly to please others. 

We are forced to act in a pretentious manner to make friends.

We want things, and we want them now. 

At the same time, we do not want to do anything to achieve what we desire.

It is a fucking loop.

We don’t write because it provides no immediate benefits.

Your life won’t get any better just by writing a journal one day. If you write an essay about your problems, it requires you to take some action. Why would you? They just released Money Heist on Netflix. It’s more exciting and entertaining than you writing an essay about a problem which bothers you.

Those who get overwhelmed by the writer trapped within, jot down a few lines on Facebook and Twitter, obtain few likes from dumb folks, get a surge of dopamine, trick themselves into believing that they achieved something, before getting back to their miserable lives.

Lack of Encouragement

Surprisingly nobody will encourage you to write. Apart from my mother, no one during my formative years urged me to write. 

I pitched the idea of a school magazine to my principal. He liked it. He found my writing interesting. Even though he rejected most of my work due to profanity, he allowed me to proceed with the magazine. 

Yet, he never asked me to write more often. He never shared his hidden age-old wisdom about the fantastic snowball effect which writing ensues in our lives.

Also, please understand that I am not complaining, I am not cribbing.

None of us needs any encouragement to do what we love. But, a little support has never hurt anyone. 

Once again, I am not cribbing. I am not complaining. I am just pointing out a toxic trend.

During college, I was a student of English Hons., yet our professors never discussed the positive impacts of writing. All they talked about were prescribed course books and how we should submit our assignments. They did not explain the importance of those assignments.

No one discussed the benefits of completing assignments. Students used to pay others to write for them. Teachers should encourage students.

Tell them the never discussed reality.

The simple act of you completing your assignments on your own positively impacts you, the people around you, the society, and ultimately everyone’s lives. 

People will constantly tell you that writing is just a hobby.

Even if you are a successful blogger, writer, author, they will frequently ask you – why do you write?

Well fucker, because it’s a way of life.

As Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Writing is a religion.

The grandeur is every writer who writes daily is a PROPHET. 

Each decade a troubled individual will rise through the mediocrity and send high vibrating pulses around the world. Everyone will talk about the person. He will be remembered for the rest of his life. 

Yet the same people who celebrate legendary writers will never offer a word of support to a budding pensmith.

Writing Is Not GLAMOROUS

There is no glamour attached to writing.

If you go to the gym and build six-packs, you will have something to show for. 

If you invest your time in pursuit of material wealth, you will have the stuff to validate you. 

You will have a mansion, a swimming pool, a luxury car, DSLR, an I-phone – all the glitter to sprinkle. 

Fuck I-phone, fuck DSLR, Fuck your bloody expensive car!

If you write daily journals or problem-solving essays, you don’t have much to show apart from thousand filled notebooks. What are you going to do, hang them around your neck and roam on the streets? Obviously not!

So why take the pain to write.

There you go, I have summed up why we don’t write. 

Now let’s discuss why should you write daily –

Writing helps you to sort out your thoughts

If you have a busy, chaotic, obsessive mind, what will you do if you encounter a problem in your course of life? 

You will think.

You will create multiple narratives and lose track of most of them, running around in circles like a dog chasing its tail, not even coming close to the solution which was right in front of you. 

The thinking brain is unsorted.

It is surrounded by tons of subconscious triggers and false memories.

Each time you recall or narrate an event, your mind tweaks it a little to make you the hero of your story.

You continuously lie to yourself.

If you do not have an accurate record of your life, you are fucked, and so is your mind. 

When such a mind comes face to face with peril, it will exhaust itself like a hungry rat with no smell sensors trapped in a maze. 

The rat will run.

The rat will yell.

The rat will scratch the walls.

The rat will bang its head.

The rat will never find the cheese. His sensors are compromised.

Without writing, your mind is similar to a rat with no smell sensors. You are directionless. 

Writing is an intimate dialogue with yourself. 

You just cannot be dishonest to yourself on a piece of paper. 

We are wired in such a manner that whenever we write, we face ourselves in the nudest possible way. 

All of our fears, disappointments, failures, shortcomings bleed on the paper, freeing us from unwanted clutter.

If you shy away from your professional responsibilities, you can’t come back home and write, “I hate my job.” It doesn’t work like that.

The moment you will express dissatisfaction about your job, your mind will question you. And, You will need to answer.

You: I don’t enjoy my job.

Mind: Why don’t you enjoy it?

You: It is a demanding job.

Mind: What are you going to do about it?

You: I have these three options – 

a. Upgrade my skills

b. Quit this job

c. Find a better job 

Once you have your options ready- you will battle your choices only to realize that you have poor work ethics.

No, you can’t blame your job, or your boss – It’s you, buddy!

You don’t like working. 

Even after battling inside your mind for 1000 straight hours, you will not be able to reach this self-realization, which you can, only by investing a few hours sorting out your thoughts on paper. 

Writing will make you a better person.

The more honesty you will practice on paper, the better your life will be in the real world.

Writing will help better your problem-solving skills.

An average person facing a dire problem gets fearful.

He fears that his partner will leave him.

He will be jobless.

He will lose his wealth.

People will not respect him.

For him, every problem is the end of his life.

I have seen people breakdown into tears if they lose their phones. They think they have lost something essential. And the same people upon losing their peace of mind won’t mind it at all and indulge themselves in frivolous spending, boozing, whoring, drugs, binge-watching, and mindless scrolling.

Human beings are not born with problem-solving skills.

All we are made for is to pump out some kids, pass over our genetic garbage, rot, and die. 

We were not made to conquer mountains & cross seas. 

We did that because we adapted. 

We developed skills. 

We made ourselves strong. 

We became the best version of ourselves

We realized never to give up.

Nothing comes easy. In the face of a problem, instead of considering it a life-ending threat, all you need to do is grab a piece of paper.

Grab a piece of paper to write down your problem.

Problem: My wife is cheating on me.

How did I reach here? I disrespected her many times. I did not pay attention to her thoughts and wishes.

No, wait, that’s not true, I did. But did I?

Okay, yes, I did not. I ignored her for a very long time. We grew apart. I started finding ways to avoid her because we didn’t have much in common. I didn’t work on our relationship.

What should I do next? It hurts a lot. She cheated on me. It is excruciating. I think I should end this.

Wait, we have been married for 20 years. How can I just end this? There has to be an alternate.

How about I confront her in a non-threatening manner? Okay, that sounds good. 

I will tell her, “I haven’t been a good husband, but I do love you. My ways of expressing might have been inadequate. I fucked up badly, but we are not at a point of no return. We can work on this. Let’ give it one more shot!”

I will request my wife to end the affair if she isn’t sure about it. We can start fresh.

If she still decides to leave me, then I should wish her luck and end this in a dignified manner.

We have kids together. We can’t breed hatred or resentment among ourselves. We need to support each other even if we split up. 

There you go, you just saved tons of hours on marriage counseling. 

You did not react foolishly or invite a fight. You found a plausible solution.

There are chances that now, if you approach your wife with honesty proposing a solution, she will respect you for that.

Years of hatred will melt away. You guys might begin working on your relationship.

The same technique can be used to solve any of your life problems. 

You are unsatisfied with your life. 

You are unhappy with your physical appearance.

You are not getting paid what you deserve.

Your business is failing. 

Writing two pages discussing the problem will help you reach a working solution. 

Give your thinking mind some direction.

Grab a piece of paper instead of buzzing nonstop inside your head.

Writing puts a stop to overthinking and negative thinking.

We have zero control over our thoughts. At the same time, what we think we become.

This puts us in a very tough spot.

We are addicted to thinking. We daily encounter negative thoughts.

Whenever you scroll your Instagram feed and see those picture-perfect females, you get in comparative analysis. You feel inadequate.

Whenever you see the pictures of your friends enjoying vacations in Goa, Mauritius, Thailand, and Bali on Facebook, you feel you are missing out on life. You get stressed. 

If you keep on pondering about it for long, you might end up fighting with your partner or your parents because you feel unfulfilled.

You will project your insecurities on others or find someone to blame.

Few days of overthinking can lead you to depression.

A week of depression will pave the way for chronic depression.

You will get trapped in prison created by your mind.

Well, I have a solution. 

Pick a damn piece of paper and start writing.

What did Forest Gump do when he experienced any issue?

The fucker ran!

You need to do the same.

Send your mind running on paper, instead of going around in circles. Circles will lead nowhere.

A dialogue on paper will always point in the right direction.

Writing is far less exhausting than endless thought ponder. 

Take a look at history, every great legend read and wrote. 

Markus Aurelius, the greatest roman emperor, wrote the most philosophical account ever. 

Seneca, the famous thinker, wrote daily.

Socrates wrote.

Osho wrote.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote.

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru wrote.

Swami Vivekanand wrote.

Nelson Mandela wrote.

Martin Luther King wrote.

Jordan Peterson writes daily.

Now take a step back and look at a few leaders of today.

Have you ever read anything originally written by Donald Trump? 

No, because he’s stupid.

Have you read anything written by Narendra Modi?

No, because he is crooked.

Have you ever read anything penned down by Vladimir Putin?

No, because he is dishonest.

Writing forces you to bare yourself, see the truth and be the best version of yourself.

Failed individuals don’t write; that’s why they fail so often. 

I do not deny that many people who write daily also fail. Yes, they do.

But, their outlook is different.

They see failures as a learning opportunity because that is what daily writing does to you. 

It makes you stronger.

It makes you better.

It saves you from unwanted stray thoughts.

You are focused and ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

Writing helps you quit bad habits.

Whether you are struggling with substance abuse or self-abuse, writing helps you deal with it. 

If you are an alcoholic, a drug addict, a porn addict, addicted to masturbation, negative thinking or self-loathing, writing is a mechanism to assist.

Bad habits are ingrained in your neural pathways. Whenever you experience a trigger, your mind will automatically push you toward the pattern.

Feeling stressed, let’s smoke!

Feeling rejected, let’s watch porn and frap!

Feeling inadequate, let’s indulge in self-loathing!

Feeling invalidated, let’s gossip and blame others!

Feeling overwhelmed, let’s dope!

After a few such cycles, these habits become automated. You lose control.

It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to quit smoking.

If you are into porn, every night a new naked lady will open her legs for you.

If you are trapped in a victim mindset, it’s always the world that is at fault.

You will continue losing your battles.

If you try writing, you can escape these ugly shadows of yourself.

Monday –

I will not smoke. 

Smoking is making me unhealthy. 

Smoking is making me undesirable. 

Due to excessive smoking, I experience a loss of energy. 

Smoking is responsible for erectile dysfunction.

I must quit smoking. Today I will not smoke. I will avoid those with whom I smoke.

If I feel nicotine cravings, I will take a walk.

Tuesday –

I did well towards the beginning of the day. I did not smoke until 4 pm.

But after that, I had no will power left. I ended up smoking. 

I don’t feel good about it. 

I definitely don’t enjoy smoking.

It appears when I am exhausted, my self- control gets weak.

How about I replace smoking with eating something healthy?

Today the moment I will sense nicotine craving, I will eat fruits.

It will give me the energy to fight. Let’s try this today.

You see, where we are going with this.

After a week or two weeks, trying different strategies, you will be able to quit any bad habit.

It is tried and tested by me and millions of others.

Go for it, don’t let your bad habits enslave you.

Writing will set you free.

Write motherfucker! Write!

Writing reveals your true self.

Do you know who you are?

You might think you know, but reality begs to differ.

None of us have any idea who we are. Writing reveals you to yourself.

We have multiple shadows of ourselves trapped behind the same mental barriers.

A part of me is a sad poet.

Another part of me is a motivational speaker.

A part of me is a drug addict.

Another part of me thrives and follows a healthy lifestyle.

A part of me wants to become a millionaire. 

Another part of me wants to donate all I have to charity.

A part of me hates politics.

Another part wants me to lead people into making a glorious nation. 

A part of me is revolutionary.

Another part is a self-serving bastard.

All of my parts are broken. 

I am not whole, neither are you.

The only reason I wake up daily with a smile on my face is due to my awareness of all my shadows. I keep them in check. 

I am not the only one. Countless individuals around us have uncovered all of their identities. They nurture the ones that can help them achieve their goals.

I want to be a legend, leave a legacy behind.

I can dope my way to it. I can overdose and maybe get featured in a newspaper. People will talk about me for at least months. That’s my nihilist self.

I can also spark a revolution. The time is ripe. I might be jailed, captured, and maybe shot to death – a desirable outcome. My name will be listed in history books. That’s my delusional self.

I can build a company, generate employment opportunities, make money, do charity, help others, build a better tomorrow for myself and others, that sound like the best option. That’s my sensible self.

My daily writing habit revealed all of my faces. I choose to enable the one who made the most convincing case. I rejected all others.

It’s not that I don’t dope when I occasionally visit my friends or go on a trip. I do. But I keep that guy in check.

I know it is a very dangerous guy. He can easily ruin all I have ever worked for.

Even today, I daily battle my demons each morning on a piece of paper. 

I cry.

I laugh. 

I bleed. 

It’s all worth it.

It’s a journey to become the best version of myself. And I enjoy every step of it.

Write, my friends. Please write.

Writing is a magical power.

It alone can transform your life.

A ray of light in your heart will disperse the dense, dark fog clouding your mind.

You will feel energetic and always ready to take on the world.

Your ancestors were Romans and Vikings.

It is your moral duty to honor them.

Build an empire.

Create a better world.

All it takes is a piece of paper and a pen.

Three years ago, I spent quite some time in Kashmir, researching for my novel. Before leaving Delhi, my father said – Son, anyone can pick a gun. Not everyone can choose a pen. Remember that when you are there!

I say the same to you today.

“My friend, you have endless potential. If you get a chance to choose between picking a girl, a cigarette, coke, weed, Netflix, and a pen, please choose the pen. That is the only right choice for you and the world.”

That will be it for today.

Hope this helped.

If you enjoyed my writing, please share this on social media so that my work reaches more people in need. 

I welcome feedback. Leave comments. Give suggestions.

Also, I would love to know your views – Do you think writing helps?

19 thoughts on “5 Never discussed benefits of writing”

  1. This post made sense on many levels. I can recall how impromptu journal writing helped me in certain situations. Now, I am working on writing daily journals. I love your blogs. Keep writing more 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh seems like i was reading my life…. used to write and those were golden days, now i have lost my pen somewhere….

    I smoke, i do not enjoy it, i fight with it it everyday and I surrender everyday….. thats my daily status now….

    Where is my pen, i am searching…..


  3. I love it! When I was younger my therapist used to tell me to write down my thoughts and feelings in a journal. Honestly, very glad I did because I saw my progress of growing and I was more aware about my feelings and thoughts. Thank you for this!


  4. It was nice seeing someone talking about a topic which no one talks about. We have been told that whenever you feel angry, grab a paper and scribble down your thoughts, tear it and you’ll feal relieved, but the matter of the fact is we rarely do it. Writing for me is something which helps me to process my thoughts in a presentable way, to be a better person by chance continuous efforts, to relieve my mind for a short interval of time apart from meditation and to think continuously apart from reading. You said it very well that It is not a hobby it is a way of life. It is infact one of the most joyful exercise when done correctly. Loved your post personally 🙂.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you for addressing such an important topic. You are so right about how important it is to pen our thoughts. I find it cathartic but also a great way to sort through all the mumbly jumbly stuff that goes on in my head. Thank you :). I have to say I love that you present multiple perspectives in your blogs – for example, here you shared why we don’t write and why we should. It’s a neat way to help drive your points home. Nicely done 🙂


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