On Boundaries

Don’t create walls around you. Isolation kills your will to live. Embrace all with love and compassion.

Morning rituals are essential for energetic beginnings. I start with a custom blend of yoga and meditation. Yoga readies the body, while meditation allows you access to the collective consciousness. Think of it as a space, which contains every ripple of the universe frozen in time. Every thought, every object, every moment, all the words ever spoken, all the text ever penned down, all the wars and all the wealth, standing still for you to grab.

Each morning after yoga, when my body reaches a state of pure awareness, I sit down to practice stillness. After my initial attempts to be thoughtless, a direct cosmic pathway opens up, which leads to a blank cosmic canvas. My soul paints a new masterpiece each day, which I witness in virtual reality.

Imagine being on LSD! That’s how it is.

Today, once I completed body scan to enhance awareness, the portal to cosmic reality opened as always. I plunged into a serene natural setting. Giant trees with absolute trunks greeted me. Vibrant butterflies showered me with warm embraces.

Monstrous animals often chase me. Today was no different. A mammoth-yak hybrid attacked me from nowhere. I have recently learned not to harm any soul. Despite provocation, I never fight back until it’s the last resort. Fortunately, the hybrid left me to be. I hung loosely from his pointed horn. After my constant fiddling in and around, he sneezed. For the first time, I realized how midgets feel getting shot from cannons.

I landed in the middle of a vast land of amber dried grass. Before I could catch my breath, rushing came a rhino. I was glad he wasn’t gigantic.

The chase began….

After a good run, when we both were a little tired, I did a backflip and rode the rhino for a damn good time. Our friendship ensued. It is exhilarating to feel the pulsating might of a savage guided by pure bestiality. Before the feeling of elation could sink in, I was greeted by an astounding sight.

In the middle of nowhere lay ahead – a vast gated enclosure.

‘This is new!’ The rhino agreed.

A swarm of mechanical spears, twice my size, headed my way rapidly. I jumped off. The rhino darted away to a nearby shelter.

I glanced around to identify my rival. A giant Autobot sprang from inside with a laser pointer to my head. It fired. I swiftly moved aside, saving my head but hurting my right shoulder.

Being a demigod in the cosmic reality, I am blessed with hyper speed and super strength. A snap of finger is all it takes for me to disable these worthy creatures. Once I was done with the machine’s laser, it grew restless, began thumping the ground blindly. I saw a tiny opening at it’s back.

Having jumped in the crack, I witnessed another bizarre sight.

A man half my size, decaying, wrapped in plastic, was operating the Autobot from within.

My messiah complex appealed to him.

‘Hey friend, relax. 

Easy boy, easy. 

Its alright. I am a friend.’

He stared into my eyes. It was a powerful glance. I stood frozen for a moment. I bounced back into reality after being bitten on the right calf by a robot guard dog. I kicked the dog into oblivion. (sorry, dog lovers, it was a necessity)

My monologue resumed.

‘Why have you built this wall around yourself? Does it not appear unnatural to you. Can you not see your decaying self? Why would anyone isolate themselves from such a beautiful gift of life? You have all one can wish for. You are surrounded by life: animals, birds, trees, wind, rain, air, love, compassion, gratitude!

Why did you then create this virtual reality to stay trapped? Please tell me.’, I pleaded.

‘It is unsafe out there. The animals will kill me. Weather changes will make me ill. I don’t trust anyone.’

He tried to say more but settled for muffles in between sobs.

I broke his plastic enclosure and embraced him.

‘Animal nature is to kill for food, yet they can become our friends. Have you not heard stories of the wild raising human kids as their own? Have you never witnessed interspecies friendships that defy logic? If an animal can be compassionate and overturn its instinctual programming, why would you, whose duty is to service every living form, hold them in suspicion?’

I reached him. I touched his darkness.

Over the next few hours, we both joyfully destroyed his mechanical complex. He vowed to be of service to all. I could see him healing.

No animals came to hunt him down; the weather didn’t seem to bother him either!

We bid a final goodbye as I merrily rode back on my rhino.

Moments later, I was plunged back into this material reality, back through my portal.

Interesting day! I must say.


Don’t create walls around you. Isolation kills your will to live. Embrace all with love and compassion.

  • Break free: Freedom isn’t doing what pleases you. Open yourself to the world. Serve others.
  • Group identity: We are not one thing. Diversity enriches culture. Be humans, not –hindu, muslim, bihari, punjabi, indian, american
  • Build bridges: Love is boundless. It flows freely. Build bridges not borders. Connect with others.

Spread love. Expect nothing. Judge no one.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Do share it with others.

Did you ever isolate yourself from the world?

6 thoughts on “On Boundaries”

  1. Interesting story and vibrant insights.

    Your stoic dose is back here after a good enough time.
    Thank you for sharing..

    Keep writing 🥰


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