Does Hitler deserve forgiveness?

Forgiveness is the only way to attain inner peace. Forgiving misdeeds strengthens your resolve to make our world a better place.

Hey folks,

Hope you are doing well.

As promised, I am back with a new cosmic adventure. Here’s a little background for those who are new: consistent meditation has opened up a portal, which leads me to the collective consciousness. Cosmic reality is majestic. I experience something bewildering daily, which I then pen down for you to relish. Here we go –

Once the portal opened, I found myself in a quiet forest. Upon walking a few steps, a sad sight pained me. A wounded old person tied to a pine tree was bleeding out. I quickly untied and carried him to a nearby stream on my shoulders.

He narrated a painful tale of being held hostage by a group of bandits who robbed his belongings and physically harmed him. His gut-wrenching story broke my heart. I attempted to console him with my signature verbiages:

‘You must forgive them, dear friend. They hurt you because they were in pain. Forgiveness is the only way to attain inner peace.’

I was satisfied with my wise monologue. The old man nodded in agreement.

Delighted with my problem-solving skills, I trotted away into the wild.

Miles Ahead, I encountered a wise wooly mammoth. After we were done with basic niceties, my furry friend questioned my philosophy.

I understand the virtue of forgiveness. What doesn’t make sense is how we can uniformly apply it to every situation?’ he said.

His words got me thinking.

Lost in my deep thoughts, I drifted away, found myself inside a Nazi military complex. It was a time jump.

30th April 1945

I was inside the Führerbunker in Berlin. It was empty. Hitler’s personal protective blanket [Stosstrupp-Hitler (SSH)] had abandoned him. Eva, his wife of the day, lay wiggling on the ground in the aftermath of cyanide poisoning.

The Fuehrer sat calmly beside his fireplace. A shining gun waited patiently in his lap.

His presence itself was agitating. Mostly my cosmic experiences are calm. This one touched all the wrong nerves.

Why do you stare at me with disgust?’ asked Hitler.

‘You alone are responsible for millions of death. How can you sit here in such stillness while your wife is taking her last breath? I think I know the answer. You are a savage. You aren’t human. You are the embodiment of evil. Damn you!’ I yelled passionately.

Hold on your ramble, you inferior being. Before you accuse me of your false concoction, tell me my fault! I thought you were sent to forgive me. Do I not deserve forgiveness?‘ said the Fuhrer.

I was stunned.

Does Hitler deserve forgiveness?

He continued to make his case.

‘All I did was present an idea. I haven’t harmed a single soul. Why am I accountable? I just gave people what they asked for! I gave them an ideology, accepting it, or denying it was their prerogative. I did not march innocent souls into gas chambers. Go find those who did. Direct your hatred towards them.’

He stood up, placed the gun on his temple, and said, ‘You can never practice forgiveness until you don’t decide what you consider unforgivable.’

The gun fired, painting the room red.

I sat in the blood splatter, wondering, how do we determine what’s unforgivable.

There has to be a line.


Forgiving misdeeds strengthens your resolve to make our world a better place.

  • Holding back: If we hold back our love from those who hurt us, we are no better. Let go of the pain.
  • Healing: Hatred, anguish, bitterness, pain torture the soul. Forgiveness heals. Luke 23:34: Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do
  • Moving ahead: Forgiving sinners absolves their sins. Use your gift wisely. Only forgive the deserving. Hate no one.

Our children deserve a better world. Let’s create one!

5 thoughts on “Does Hitler deserve forgiveness?”

  1. Yes, forgive the deserving. Hitler must wait 1,000 years to forever. For, he knew what he did. He even told you that cold awareness in your dream. I appreciate the philosophical and ethical question you pose, though…

    He was aware of what he was enacting while he was enacting, while he was doing it… putting into action his inner turmoil on a world scale. In most circumstances I would nod to that, and just in the awareness of an action offer both acknowledgment and forgiveness.

    In this case, though, I cannot. Further, I will take a dee and sovereign breath to release judgment, and as my own personal Maat, I Will not. I will not even sully a feather to weigh against the inglorious bastard that that man was. Yes, he most likely needed therapy. Though, instead of therapy, he went the other way. He did not resolve his inner ills. He spewed his sewage out upon the earth and all people in it. Nope! Nota fucking chance am I going to do anything except dig a 6-foot deep hole and let Nature take outs course.

    And further, I simply will not even do that. Rot. He can rot, so his spirit lives for its momentary experience at the end of his life for IT TO REMEMBER. It is not forgiveness that that person deserves (again, I will never mention his name again as I will enact my own Natural Erosion… and fuck the integrity of facts in history). It is for no one to forget, and for Nature itself to systematically erode him into the oceans and then change the filter and then flush the system and change the filter again twice so his remains are not even there. There is Natural grace in that. There, we go beyond Justice into the realms of eternity… where, somewhere beyond that I will mention his name again… then again, even there, I may not.

    I forgive the people who suffered on his behalf. Instead of forgiveness, I celebrate Victor Frankl. “There is a place between the influence and the response. There, in that place, you have a choice.”

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