The Dragon King and the Lama

Practice detachment voluntarily. Do not get attached to people, possessions, and philosophies. It all is fleeting. Voluntary detachment leads to an abundance of all you desire. But the first step is to let go of the desires.

Hey folks,

Hope you are doing well.

As promised, I am back with a new cosmic adventure. Here’s a little background: consistent meditation has opened up a portal, leading me to the collective consciousness. I experience something bewildering daily, which I then pen down for you to relish. Here we go –

Once the portal opened, I found myself in the middle of a burning forest. All the creatures were frantically pacing to find a way out, only to collapse, realizing they were trapped. The fire grew wild.

Suddenly, the earth beneath started trembling. A giant Red Dragon came rushing, sweeping every living being using his enormous wings. His wings dragged people and animals from every nook and corner near him. Displaying compassion, he hid every soul under his wings as the forest burned around him.

Witnessing this selfless act stunned and mesmerized me.

In the aftermath, the Dragon was hurt pretty bad. His burnt wings hung loosely like a muscle blob. It marked the beginning of civilization. Everyone came along to start a settlement around the Dragon. They cared for him until he healed. The settlement evolved into a village.

While the Dragon was healing, the villagers enjoyed an ample supply of food by the burnt forest’s grace. They grew strong on nutritious roots and relished cooked food for the first time. They grew gracefully under abundance. Once the Dragon regained his strength, he was appointed protector of the realm. He grew famous as the first Dragon King, often referred to by the children as the Red King.

The Red King always fulfilled his obligations. He made sure that his subjects come to know the wisdom of the great beyond. He helped them hone necessary life skills such as agriculture, metallurgy, linguistics, alchemy, cattle rearing, architecture, music, astronomy, and most importantly, shaped their culture. Within generations, the village grew into one of the most remarkable Eastern Civilizations.

The wheels of destiny kept on turning. The Dragon grew old. He spent most of his time sharing cosmic wisdom to little children.

One day, the head of state came rushing. He alarmed the Red King about a nearing invading force. The conquest seekers were heavily armed and huge in numbers. The chief appealed to the Red King to use magic to destroy the enemy.

‘Oh, the Lord King, I beg thee, burn down these oppressors with your glorious fire. Let the sky hail flames. Save us as you saved our great grandfathers.

The Red King requested some time to consider.

A little kid called Gedun Truppa was the Red King’s best friend those days. He observed this conversation intently.

‘What will you do, Red King? Will you burn them down?’ asked Gedun curiously.

The Dragon appeared perplexed.

‘No, I can’t use my powers for destruction. I can only protect my people from natural forces. This conquest is human-made. They have to resolve it within themselves.’

He paused.

‘But I am plagued by the thoughts of disappointing my loved ones.’

 Saying this, the Dragon hung his head in despair.

The child came nearby and grabbed his toes.

‘You are the great father. If you do not abandon these lost children, they will never find their way back. For them to grow, you will need to detach from your affection. You taught them how to walk. Now it’s time for them to learn sprinting. They must do it on their own.’ Gedun said calmly.

The Red King was amazed by the child’s profound wisdom.

You are a true lama’, exclaimed the Red King as he flew past the setting sun.


Practice detachment voluntarily. Do not get attached to people, possessions, and philosophies. It all is fleeting.

  • Detach: If you cling to material wealth, ego, identities, people, feelings, you will never realize your real strength. Get detached.
  • Align: Attach yourself to a purpose of service. You will experience fulfillment by helping others.
  • Uplift: You can only grow by serving people. You don’t climb mountains on others’ shoulders. You climb by latching to the rope hanging behind them.

Voluntary detachment leads to an abundance of all you desire. But the first step is to let go of the desires.

Are you too attached to your false reality?

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