HI. I’M Nishant.

I love to read and research about human excellence. I believe people who can read, write, and speak are unstoppable. A lot many people claim I am a full-blown cuckoo, and a few handfuls regard me as a genius.

My writing focuses on topics like…

  • Mental Health
  • Physical Fitness
  • Productivity Hacks
  • Personal Excellence
  • Lives of Great Men

I performed 08 years of corporate slavery in the past and paid my debt to society. It was a great learning and an eye-opening experience.

I have performed countless roles in my life. I have been an employee and an employer. I have been a victim and a perpetrator. I have been an addict and a counselor. I have been abused and I have abused.

Being on both sides of the spectrum gives you a unique outlook. If you have been both awful and fantastic, you know how to walk the fire. And what matters most is how well you walk the fire! (as Buk said)

In 2017, after publishing my debut novel Broken Radio, I spent a year in Kashmir and Ladakh, understanding revolution and meditation.

I practiced nihilism in the past, and now I lead a fulfilling life with the purpose of serving others. 

Why should you read my work?

There is never a dull moment!

I will take you on an unpleasant ride, which will awaken you from slumber. 

Happy Reading!