Vedic Stoicism


Forgiving misdeeds strengthens your resolve to make our world a better place.

  • Holding back: If we hold back our love from those who hurt us, we are no better. Let go of the pain.
  • Healing: Hatred, anguish, bitterness, pain torture the soul. Forgiveness heals. Luke 23:34: Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do
  • Moving ahead: Forgiving sinners absolves their sins. Use your gift wisely. Only forgive the deserving. Hate no one.

Our children deserve a better world. Let’s create one!


Don’t create walls around you. Isolation kills your will to live. Embrace all with love and compassion.

Break free: Freedom isn’t doing what pleases you. Open yourself to the world. Serve others.

Group identity: We are not one thing. Diversity enriches culture. Be humans, not –hindu, muslim, bihari, punjabi, indian, american

Build bridges: Love is boundless. It flows freely. Build bridges not borders. Connect with others.

Spread love. Expect nothing. Judge no one.


Every space has its energy vibe. Designate areas for activities. Apart from sex, do a thing only where it is ideal to do!

Idea Hub: Ideas originate in creative spaces. Maintain the sanctity: the library is for reading, kitchen for cooking, and bedroom for sleeping.

Appropriation: Assign designated spaces for daily activities: creative space, relaxing space, attention space, leisure space. Do not intrude in other.

Productivity: Respect your work. If you are working on your bed, you will not be able to deliver optimally. Always work sitting straight.

Sex can be done anywhere, as it is the supreme form of creation.

On Organizing

Achieving order should be your single-minded focus. Get skilled at ORGANIZING.

  • Fine-tooth comb: Review every aspect of your life. Make morning, day, and bedtime routine—mark tasks on the calendar.
  • Files & folders: Every file belongs in a folder. Keep tasks/things stacked sequentially.
  • Productivity: Start tasks with micro-steps to improve mental automation. See your output rise.
  • Litter: Chaos is your enemy. Go to the extent of categorizing your waste and go beyond. 

Once you master organizing, you will deserve to lead organizations. Start today. Every tiny step counts.


Forgiveness frees us from the mental prison. You can move on to new opportunities by letting go of the past.

Highroad: Everyone who hurt you was in pain. See clearly to let go of the bitterness.

Rekindling: Let go, but do not mend relations until trust is reestablished. Forgiving doesn’t mean going back to someone.

Judgment: We are quick to blame others and shy away from taking responsibility for failures. Introspect before judging.

Those who forgive are always better off—practice compassion.

Fostering Relationships

The most profound relationship is your relationship with yourself. If you are not in harmony with your inner being, none of your relations with others will flourish.

Know Yourself. Learn your likes, dislikes, things you enjoy and hate.

  • Define Beliefs. In conjunction with your personality, define and redefine your core values and beliefs
  • Commune with others. Love and respect everyone but only allow people with similar moral values in your inner circle.
  • Work on yourself. Once you have built a relationship with yourself, continue refining while working on your relationship with others
  • Love is not everything. Your relationship with your spouse/partner, family, friends, co-workers will never improve if you don’t improve